KrisCo-Founder and Chief Philosophy Officer at DARE2 & DARE2mansion

Kris has more than 15 years of research experience with a primary specialization in qualitative methodologies and gaining insights that form an important foundation for strategy building, designing extraordinary customer experiences, and affecting human behavior in a positive way. Kris is a sought after speaker, facilitator, and high-level consultants for corporates looking to innovate on the edges of their organization. He is one of the world’s leading experts on Exponential Organizations and the translator of the best-selling book into Danish.

Along with his partner Laila Pawlak, Kris is also the author of the popular customer experience model The Fundamental 4s: How to Design Extraordinary Experiences in an Exponential World. He is a Certified Experience Economy Expert and was the first recipient of the prestigious Experience Management Achievement Award outside of the US. He is also adjunct faculty at Singularity University and a founder of the SingularityU Copenhagen Chapter.

Kris also launched thinkubator – a corporate, crowdfunded incubator that helps corporates work with entrepreneurs and establish their own incubator to kickstart innovation, leverage technology and deep dive into the exponential thinking mindset. Similarly, he co-founded the innovation hub DARE2mansion – a 1300m2 Professional Playground in Copenhagen, which serves as an incubator, co-working, and event space where entrepreneurs, businesses, and academia can come together to create unique experiences and new businesses.

On top of this, Kris is an advisor and investor to a number of startups. He also runs a professional network based on diversity and supports a number of non-profits including the STARTUP BUZZ – a transformational accelerator program for entrepreneurs during Global Entrepreneurship Week. He is an external professor at Roskilde University where he teaches Experience-based Business Development and has also lectured at Copenhagen Business School where he taught marketing and analysis related subjects. Today he frequently blogs for Børsen.

Keynote Topics

NEW: Exponential Organizations: why they're 10x better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it)

We are living in an exponential age that requires a new organizational structure. Based off of the best selling book, this keynote explains the key attributes of ExOs and what you can do to become one. Read more…

Entrepreneurship: how to think like an entrepreneur and change the world

This is a crash course in developing your inner entrepreneur. Based off of our trend research, we discuss the key attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset and how you and your organization can leverage it to change the world.

Startup ecosystems and why you want to be a part of them

Innovation is really not easy. However, it gets better with a little help from friends. Kris is a co-founder of the entrepreneurship hub and co-working space DARE2mansion. This talk delves into how to design startup ecosystems that will spark entrepreneurship no matter what business your in.

Designing extraordinary customer experiences in an exponential world

We take an unapologetic customer perspective and outline the fundamentals your business needs to create amazing customer experiences. Doing so creates loyal superpromoters and keeps your business relevant in an exponential world.

Purpose and profit: creating positive impact

Purpose and profit should not be mutually exclusive. Powerful organizations today are driven by a purpose that is greater than themselves. This keynote discusses how to discover your true purpose and how to make the most of it to make scaleable positive impact.

Megatrends: What They Are and How They Influence Your Business

Do you know how your customers’ attitudes and industry at large are changing? This eye-opening keynote looks at today’s most pressing megatrends in relation to your business in order to grasp their influence and how you can use them to grow.

Exponential Organizations

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Keynotes, half, and full day workshops on how to turn your company into an exponential organization (ExO) are now available in both English and Danish. You’ll deep dive into learning the key principles of ExOs and how your can specifically leverage these characteristics for your company.

Your workshop will be led by ExO experts Kris Østergaard, co-founder of DARE2 and Singularity University alumni who translated the book into Danish, and Laila Pawlak, founder of DARE2 and adjunct faculty at Singularity University.

More information

Kris is a very customer dedicated person. He delivers maximum attention to finding the best solutions for his clients. He analyses possibilities from many different perspectives, not only pursuing a narrow focus, before settling for a specific solution. He is very strong in understanding business potential and has great skills in leading clients towards their goals through his professionalism. This makes Kris a highly qualified consultant and business partner.
Claus Rantzau
Research Director, Wilke
Kris is an experienced qualitative methods man with a keen professional desire to keep abreast of methodological developments. He is an excellent sparring partner: Open-minded, an intense listener and good at asking the right questions, that is, questions that enable the customer to better understand his/her own business challenges. Kris is a flexible and skilful moderator. He is able to summarize large amounts of qualitative data in a very short time, drawing out the essence and conveying it in customer insights which the customer can truly grasp and act on.
Maria Hilden
Project Manager Business Development at Teller A/S
Kris is the best conference moderator I have ever engaged and I have arranged quite a few conferences by now. He had the Danish MR Day in a firm but gentle grip from morning til late afternoon, brought in some great ideas of his own and not the least important: the entire day ran on time (it is astonishing how many so called professional moderators who can not manage this).