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FEEL BETTER marketing – why frangrances make sense

Do you know that each time you visit a nice smelling store you are very likely to spend 20% more money and buy more items? Your senses and emotions are triggered, putting you in a better emotional state. You don’t even realize it, but when you FEEL better, you also feel like buying more.

Boost your business by appealing to your customers senses

FEEL better is indeed a very powerful motivation that drives customers in their purchasing decisions and perception of a brand. It is about triggering your customers senses and emotions to leave them in a better emotional state. FEEL better is one of the four customer motivations that build up The Fundamental 4s model, a model used by companies to make important business decisions, develop new strategies or look for new market opportunities. It helps them design extraordinary customer experiences by looking at 4 fundamental customer motivations, the “forces” that drive them in the attempt to be/do/feel/look/ better. You can download your free copy of the Fundamental 4s model here.

Fundamental 4s Model - CX

The Fundamental 4s Model

Customers say Nike’s scented shoes are better

An interesting experiment carried out by Nike, one of the first companies to use new sensory tools like smell to engage its customers, shows how making a customer FEEL better can significantly increase sales. Nike put two identical running shoes in two separate rooms. The two rooms were physically identical, but one was infused with a floral scent. The test subjects in both rooms were asked to inspect the shoes and then fill in a questionnaire.

Guess what? Consumers preferred the “scented” shoes by a margin of 84% and the price they were willing to pay was estimated on average $10.33 higher than the shoes placed in the unscented room.


What can your company learn from Nike’s experiment on how to make customers FEEL better during their shopping experience?

  • Appealing to your customers senses increase sales. Try to explore new ways to make them FEEL better by engaging them emotionally. You might want to follow Nike’s example and add the “right smell” to your shop. Or just remove bad designs that annoy your customers and make their experience worse. Examples include noisy spaces, annoying jingles, and too much waiting in line (who doesn’t hate waiting in line?)
  • Outperform your competitors by adding a distinctive characteristics to your brand. Did you know that humans are able to recognise 10,000 different odors and recall them with 65% accuracy a year after smelling them? On the other hand, 50% of visuals are forgotten after only 3 months. Make your customers FEEL better and they won’t soon forget your positive impact on them.
  • Add a new dimension to your offering. It should be clear by now that focusing on sight only and making things look very pretty might not be enough for your business to gain a competitive edge.. Perfumed air, a soft carpet, and pleasant music are some examples of great ways to boost your sales and brand as you make your customers feel at home.

Nike is just one of the many brands that successfully implemented a FEEL better strategy to their business. For more examples of FEEL better companies you can download our sweet, short and to the point ebook The Fundamental 4s. And if you have any questions feel free to reach out to the authors Laila Pawlak (@DARE2dk) and Kris Østergaard (@KrisOestergaard) on Twitter!

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