The Fundamental 4s Workshops and Keynotes
How to Design Extraordinary Customer Experiences in an Exponential World

The Fundamental 4s is a short, sweet & to the point model that will help you understand your customers’ core motivations. While technology may be developing exponentially, our brains are not. Human beings and their underlying motivations have remained the same since the dawn of time. And, over many years of visiting, spending time with, talking to, following around, observing, and analyzing customers, we have found that there are four significant customer motivations that are always present no matter what experience or offering is in question.

Keynotes, half and full day workshops are available as well as customized courses upon request in both English and Danish. You can expect to become sharp on:

  • The exponential world: why technology development is moving faster and faster and what it means for you and your company.
  • The exponential company: a crash course in the 11 key characteristics that are necessary for creating a fast-growing exponential organization
  • The Fundamental 4s: what the model is and how it applies to your company
  • Designing customer experiences: the next steps for how you can make your customer BE, DO, FEEL, AND LOOK better. 
  • The roots: all participants will receive a copy of the Fundamental 4s White Paper as a reference guide and tool for your company to use going forward. 

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Here’s what the father of the Experience Economy has to say:

If you want to be customer-centric, then you must understand what makes customers tick in today’s world of experiences. Let Laila Pawlak and Kris Østergaard be your guides in realizing how to make customers BE better, DO better, FEEL better, and LOOK better. Then let these Fundamental 4s guide your business.

– B. Joseph Pine II, co-author, The Experience Economy, Authenticity, and Infinite Possibilities

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Meet the Authors

Both Kris ØstergaardLaila Pawlak are Experience Economy and Exponential Organization experts. In fact, they were the first to win the prestigious Experience Management Achievement Award outside of the U.S. They are also alumni of Singularity University and founders of the SingularityU Copenhagen Chapter. Laila serves as one of the few adjunct faculty of Singularity University and gives keynotes all over the world about how to design extraordinary experiences in an exponential world.

An award winning company, DARE2 inspires, enables, connects people to scale positive impact in the world. Their primary focus is on helping international companies innovate on the edges of their organization often in collaboration with startups. The DARE2 team also stands behind the corporate incubator and early stage startup accelerator thinkubator and the Copenhagen based co-working and innovation hub DARE2mansion.


Other popular workshops

Exponential Organiations

We are Exponential Organization experts and the translators of the best-selling book into Danish. We can help focus your company’s strategy on the future and the necessary innovation tools to compete in today’s exponential world.

Startup ecosystems and why you want to be a part of them

Innovation is really not easy. However, it gets better with a little help from friends. This talk delves into how to design startup ecosystems that will spark entrepreneurship no matter what business your in.

Entrepreneurship: how to think like an entrepreneur and change the world

This is a crash course in developing your inner entrepreneur. Based off of our trend research, we discuss the key attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset and how you and your organization can leverage it to change the world.

Megatrends: What they are and how they influence your business

Do you know how your customers’ attitudes and industry at large are changing? This eye-opening keynote looks at today’s most pressing megatrends in relation to your business in order to grasp their influence and how you can use them to grow.

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