NEW: Exponential Organizations  Workshop
Why new organizations are 10 times better, faster, and cheaper – and how your company can be too!

Not long ago, it took 20 years to make a billion dollar company. The new communication platform Slack did it in 8 months. Airbnb and Uber have reached 20 and 50 billion dollar valuations respectively in just 5 years putting the hospitality and transportation industry into panic mode. This breed of companies is not isolated to Silicon Valley. Danish startups such as Zendesk, Trustpilot, Universal Robots, Endomondo, and BeMyEyes have also gained huge traction in a relatively short amount of time. So, what is it that they are all doing right?

The answer is that they are all exponential organizations or ExOs. ExOs have a sling of characteristics that make them grow ten times faster than their competitors.

Now you can learn to use the same characteristics – before your competitors do – with cutting edge workshops that focus directly on enlightening and developing the exponential aspects of your business.

Keynotes, half and full day workshops are available as well as customized courses upon request in both English and Danish.

From your ExO workshop, expect to become sharp on:

  • The exponential world: why technology development is moving faster and faster and what it means for you and your company.
  • The exponential company: a crash course in the 11 key characteristics that are necessary for creating a fast-growing exponential organization
  • Cutting-edge research: the latest status of more than 500 Danish companies exponential status (with research conducted by DARE2 and f5)
  • Your exponential future: tailored workshop focusing on your company’s needs in order to become an ExO
  • The roots: all participants will receive a Danish copy of the bestselling book Exponential Organizations by Singularity University’s Salim (max. 20 books).

Meet the author Salim Ismail

ExO Workshops and Keynotes

Keynotes, half and full day workshops are available as well as specially designed courses for your company in both English and Danish.

Meet the DARE2 team

Innovation bureau DARE2 stands behind the Danish release of the international bestseller Exponential Organizations by Singularity University founder Salim Ismail.

Your workshop will be led by ExO experts Kris Østergaard, co-founder of DARE2 and Singularity University alumni who translated the book into Danish, and Laila Pawlak, founder of DARE2 and adjunct faculty at Singularity University.

DARE2 helps Danish and international companies strengthen their innovation culture and innovate on the edge of their organization often in collaboration with startups. DARE2 has teamed up with partners such as Singulatity University (the world’s foremost thinking around exponential technology) on initiatives such as thinkubator, a corporate incubator. DARE2 also runs the award winning start-up hub DARE2mansion in Copenhagen.


Other popular workshops

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