Energetic Facilitation

Facilitation is the too often neglected key to leading a great event. We are experience experts and can help you design, execute, and facilitate everything from intimate strategy sessions to large scale conferences. We keep a high tempo that makes for an interesting, fun experience that your guests won’t soon forget.


Build your company’s strategy through these awesome, upbeat workshops. They’re a lot of fun and bring the whole company together towards one goal.

The Fundamental 4s

Experience economy experts, we take an unapologetic customer perspective and can help to break down the motifs and barriers of your clients so you can better serve them.

Exponential Organization workshops

We are Exponential Organization experts and the translators of the best-selling book into Danish. We can help focus your company’s strategy on the future and the necessary innovation tools to compete in today’s exponential world.


From 1000+ attendee conferences to discussions between the top management team, we are experienced moderators and experience design experts able to keep the show moving in the right direction.

Entrepreneurship workshop

Get in the entrepreneurial mindset through a series of exercises focused on getting you in the exponential mindset and thinking of ideas that make positive impact AND a profit.

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Some past clients include

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“I hired Laila and Kris for two days for a Lego Serious Play workshop at Maastricht University. The workshop was entitled “DARE2 accelerate your strategy!”. Feedback of the participants was exclusively very positive. Particularly their ability to bring fun and high energy to serious strategy discussions was highly appreciated.”

– Jochen Barth, Managing Partner of CER10DIPITY