Accelerated Learning

We are experience economy experts and know exactly how to design an environment that serves as a balanced pressure cooker for new ideas, strategies, learning programs, and innovation.

Case competitions and hackathons

We can help you identify a key business challenge and organize an innovation case competition or hackathon with a diverse array of entrepreneurs, startups, and experts to solve it.

Innovation Camps

In an off site location, these fast tracked experiences are focused on solving challenges and learning new areas of expertise. Camps can be just for your employees or a diverse team that we help you put together.


Our best ideas tend to come when we are working with people very different from us. We bring together people from diverse industries to work together on one of your business’s challenges.

Experience Excusions

A lot can be learned by observing the experts of other industries and their best principles. We run “corporate field trips” to Silicon Valley, European innovation hubs, and other inspiring destinations so you can learn directly from the source.

Customized Executive Programs

Our executive programs are custom designed to provide crash course training on all sorts of topics. From getting into the exponential mindset to refocusing strategy and taking an unapologetic customer standpoint, you’d be amazed at what can be done in an accelerated learning environment.

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If you have any questions or requests in terms of booking, shoot us an e-mail. We’re always excited and open to talking about potential partnerships.

Some past clients include

Danske Ideer
Share With Care
Startup BUzz